138 Words on Being From Texas

I was born, raised and lived in Texas for 31 years. Strange thing is, I never identified myself as a ‘Texan’ until I came to NYC. So few people you meet here are from here. For the first time in 31 years, I had to address the fact that I am from Texas and all of the negative stereotypes and to a lesser extent, the positive ones. Now that I am forced to think about how I may be perceived as a Texan, I have developed this strange pride in being from Texas. I like the fact that I’m apparently a horse-owning, BBQ-eating, Bush-loving, trailer park-living, redneck-having, Willie Nelson-listening, pickup truck-driving, hillbilly from Texas who within 2 years, has been able to milk a little success out of this big city. (Because apparently, I owned cows as well.)

3 responses

  1. love the photo, and i feel the same way in san francisco. i’ve decided to embrace it. i’ve dialed up the accent, don’t hide my love of country music anymore, and attribute my eccentricities to being southern. i can get away with a lot now.

  2. I’m going through this, at the moment, here in LA. Never thought I’d be proud of Texas. Really never thought there’d be a need. But, ain’t, fixin’, y’all and pert near are a part of my vocab whether LA likes it or not. So LA get used to it.

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