Friday Nights @ Duane Park in Tribeca

Last Friday, an old friend was in town and we were scheduled to meet up. I was very excited to see her, but then the destination came through via text: We are going to Santos Party House. Needless to say, I was not excited about the destination. So much so, I opted out of the evening altogether. But then the second text came through… How about Burlesque in Tribeca?

Upon arrival, I quickly realized that I had just stumbled upon my favorite NY nightlife experience to date. I don’t write reviews of much, but this place was inspiring. The environment was simply amazing. Having spent the last few weeks trying to work a little bit of substance into my life, I was blown away by Duane Park on this Friday night. It was just what I needed. It was like I had just walked into the 1930s. The dim, totally vintage lighting, with a killer chandelier hanging over the middle of the restaurant. A small, foot-tall stage, lit from the floor by bulbs that may as well have been 50 years old. The stage was just big enough for a single performer, complete with the vintage mic, and flanked by a jazz trio of a piano, stand up bass, and trumpet/singer.

Each performer was of the highest caliber. Hot as shit. Not too gimmicky, paying full respect to the art form. No annoying drag queen hosts adding unnecessary comic relief.   No shoddy sound system typically reserved for indie rock bands.  It was stripped down, pure and simple.  I left craving more. Someone has nailed this experience so well, they deserve an award. So check your calendar. Is it Friday? Then call me . Let’s go.

Duane Park Restaurant and Lounge > Source of Images

138 Words on Bouncing Back

There’s so much that I love about people. Sure we are riddled with flaws and do ridiculous, regrettable things (everything from drunk texting to genocide) but I think the overwhelming majority of us mean well. Regardless of how stone cold the crazy guy on the subway may look, he still hopes for a little warmth in the form of love, friendship or a laugh. But one of the human characteristics that fascinates me most is our ability to bounce back when we’ve been knocked down. It’s instinctual – a survival mechanism and clearly effective. We instinctually seek and latch on to opportunities. A few slip through cracks, but most seem to be compelled to make things happen and do. Some may say it’s society’s pressure to conform, but I’m guessing it was the same when we were cavemen.

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