Maxi Dresses: Almost as Bad as Gladiators

Once again, some influencer, perhaps Dallas’ famed Sam Moon, has delivered a trend so un-hot, it is the perfect complement to gladiator sandals – the Maxi Dress. When will women stop taking seeking fashion inspiration from the movie 300? What’s next? Gold leaf tiara-things? Homes with huge roman columns? Segways scooters decorated to look like chariots? Tom Ford… The men of the world are begging you. Please design for women again. Sunglasses and fragrances are not enough.

Kanye West + G-Shock Party

Had the chance to go see Kanye perform tonight at Cipriani’s downtown for the seemingly annual Casio G-Shock event. Last year, Kanye had the nude girls with space helmets on as back-up dancers. He had a far more tame, but visually interesting aesthetic this time out: Almost all black, with straps wrapped around his arms, all topped off with a matte black face mask. He also had giant screens that counted down from 40:00:00 – perhaps a statement about the corporate-ness of the event.

Everyone knows I am about a mile up Kanye’s ass anyways, so I ain’t gonna lie… the show was great. The dude can do no wrong in my opinion. Hate on. Whatever.

And for all of you sneakerheads that act like you don’t care, but are secretly dying to know… He was wearing all black Timberland boots.

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