Maxi Dresses: Almost as Bad as Gladiators

Once again, some influencer, perhaps Dallas’ famed Sam Moon, has delivered a trend so un-hot, it is the perfect complement to gladiator sandals – the Maxi Dress. When will women stop taking seeking fashion inspiration from the movie 300? What’s next? Gold leaf tiara-things? Homes with huge roman columns? Segways scooters decorated to look like chariots? Tom Ford… The men of the world are begging you. Please design for women again. Sunglasses and fragrances are not enough.

2 responses

  1. I think they are so cute, romantic, and girly. Why do men hate them so much? My husband hates when I wear mine too! I love it though! and I also love my gladiators, though I know those aren’t always to flattering

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