Road Tested: Vans Akat LX x Taka Hayashi

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When I saw these first announced last January I called the shoe possibly perfect – one that seemingly combined the ingredients of two of my favorite sneaker brands: Vans and Visvim. These Vans have no distinguishable traits that were picked up from other Vans. Unlike most Vans x designer collaborations, they appear to have started completely from scratch with this one and of course, they killed it. The super thin white sole has almost no tread and is very low profile. Where it lacks in overall cushion on the outside, they make up for it with a nice soft heel pad on the inside. And needless to say, you probably need to keep these out of the rain.

Anyways… enough stating the obvious. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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  1. Yeah man i got a lil’too crazy this past trip to nyc, picked up LOTS of stuff on sale but nothing too wild. I did get this CRAZY Z Zegna windbreaker that retailed for $890 for $190. But right now i’m really trying to save up…remember i’m suppose to buy that Enzo in 5 years.

  2. In Europe they go for 175 Euro up!!! Copped the “weird curry” ones at Caliroots in Stockholm. Didnt like the color at first but they age beautifully.

  3. Wondering if these are still available anywhere in NYC? Also how did you size on these (don’t have experience with Vans at all)? I’m a 10.5 in most nikes. 9.5 in chucks. Thanks!

    • I haven’t seen them in NYC (where I live), but I bought mine online at Check there for sure. They seem to be normal sizes… I wear an 11, and these fit perfectly.

      • Have to disagree with you here, these things run EXTRA snug, I wear an 11.5-12 i ordered an 11.5 and they fit like a 10-10.5, however you are correct about the value these things are well worth the price they are beautiful.

      • I could actually see that they may run a little small I wear a 10.5 – 11 and they fit perfect an 11. Other shoes may be a little large as an 11 on me. But I am used to it.

    • Just bought these the other day in the Bitter Chocolate colorway. Quite the beautiful shoe. Haven’t been excited for a pair of new shoes in a really long time. I wear 11.5 in Vans Authentic’s and Era’s, 10.5 in Chucks. Bought an 11.5 in these Akat’s. Fits like a glove. Hope this helps.

  4. I’ve had a pair of this exact shoe, color and everything for about two and a half years. They’ve been through snow and rain, so they’re a little run down. I’m looking to buy another pair but i can’t find em anywhere. Do they make em in this color anymore? Any suggestions for stores to check out? I live in L.A. and haven’t really had any luck with the local stores.

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