Gavin Rossdale: Finally a Celeb w/ Taste in Footwear

I have always had a ton of respect for Gavin Rossdale.  I think he was very wrongly hated on for his huge and too-fast success and those strange accusations of ripping off Nirvana were just bizarre.   I actually met him once and he was so unnecessarily cool, I will always be a fan.    Not to mention, with the money he and his lady must have, coupled with his undeniable taste in footwear, he must have a beyond Cribs-worthy collection of kicks that not too many would notice.  While most celebs never seem to make it past Rodeo or Robertson, he clearly has chose his own lane.   Tens of millions of records sold, movies, a couple of solo hits, married to one of the most respected A-list female pop stars, nice footwear and the looks of someone 20 years younger than he really is.  It is hard not to think that this guy has sold his soul to the devil.

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