Where is The Big Chill for My Generation?

I have very fond memories of The Big Chill.  Not really the movie itself, but my memories are actually of my parents’ love for the movie.  They loved it.  Their friends loved it.  Their brothers and sisters loved it.   There seemed to be something unifying about the movie for their generation and I somehow took great pleasure in seeing all these older people get excited about something. I was 8 or 9 years old.  It felt like a big deal.  Maybe it wasn’t, but it sure seemed like it to a young kid looking up.  And the soundtrack – even I loved the soundtrack.

It came out in 1983, the year my parents were the age I am today.   They seemed substantially more mature at age 34 than I am at 34, but that is the subject of a different blog post.  But I have to ask the question…  Where is the Big Chill for my generation? Don’t offer up Old School, Wedding Crashers, The Hangover or any of those as stand-ins.  They are not.   I am left thinking… Perhaps my generation doesn’t deserve a Big Chill the way my parents’ generation did.   What have we really suffered through?   What have we changed?  How have we changed?   What can we all agree upon anyways?    Are we getting what we deserve?  No-brainer remakes of The A-Team, Red Dawn, Clash of the Titans, GI Joe, blah, blah, and blah.?  I guess so.

Maybe I will ask the big boss’ wife.   She wrote the film.

138 Words on Identity

I have had a number of alarming conversations lately.  Although I’ll always be the quiet one in a room of Type-A’s, when I do talk, I can usually make people very comfortable.  I’ll calm the crazy.  Quell the aggressive.  Have something to get off your chest? That is where I come in.  More than a few people have opened up to me lately about their struggles – particularly in relationships, either long-term or non-existent.  Apparently, my terrible-on-paper track record makes me an expert? Obviously complex, it seems that identity is at the root of these issues – either losing it or feeling hopeless in finding it.   Abundant confusion.  I’m also faced with these struggles as I re-enter the dating world at a turtle’s pace.   I obsess over it and want to help my friends.  It’s my new mission.

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