138 Words on Identity

I have had a number of alarming conversations lately.  Although I’ll always be the quiet one in a room of Type-A’s, when I do talk, I can usually make people very comfortable.  I’ll calm the crazy.  Quell the aggressive.  Have something to get off your chest? That is where I come in.  More than a few people have opened up to me lately about their struggles – particularly in relationships, either long-term or non-existent.  Apparently, my terrible-on-paper track record makes me an expert? Obviously complex, it seems that identity is at the root of these issues – either losing it or feeling hopeless in finding it.   Abundant confusion.  I’m also faced with these struggles as I re-enter the dating world at a turtle’s pace.   I obsess over it and want to help my friends.  It’s my new mission.

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