Respect Your Elders: Bill Cunningham

Innovator, pioneer, godfather to a legion of fashion photo bloggers, and friend of Stylish Sarah.   Here is a snippet from wikipedia:

Cunningham shoots goings on in the streets of Manhattan every day; most of his pictures, he has said, are never published. Designer Oscar de la Renta has said, “More than anyone else in the city, he has the whole visual history of the last 40 or 50 years of New York. It’s the total scope of fashion in the life of New York.” Though he has made a career out of unexpected photographs of celebrities, socialites, and fashion personalities, many in those categories value his company; according to David Rockefeller, Brooke Astor requested his presence, alone among the media, at her 100th birthday party.

In 2008 he was awarded the title chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture. As of 2008, Filmmaker Richard Press and Philip Gefter of the Times are working on a documentary about Cunningham, his bicycle, and his camera.

A documentary?  Sweet.

Check out one of his ‘On The Street’ videos.

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Stone Temple Pilots – 2010

Along with a few dozen rocker people and some extreme head-bobbing music execs, I got to hear the latest Stone Temple Pilots album tonight at the Gramercy Hotel.   I have to say… Scott Weiland was very nice to the crowd that had gathered to see him, and the music was great too.  Let’s put it all in perspective.  40 MILLION albums sold.  15 charting singles, including 6 number ones.  They have one at least one Grammy that I know of. It was just nice to see some unpretentious rock music in the flesh.  Not one bit of the album we heard could be considered trendy and I am assuming the thought would never cross their minds.  They did their thing and owned it.  The new songs are timeless and pure.  Like their old stuff.  They probably wont sell but a couple hundred thousand, but it doesn’t matter.  See these guys live- the way it was meant to be. I look forward to seeing them again at SXSW and I can only hope that the SXSW crowd realizes how lucky they are.

I wish I could find a cool video from The Crow, but since I cannot, here is  a pretty tight version:

I just got back from Austin… love the place!    See ya in a few!!

Respect Your Elders: Andrew Jenks

Andrew Jenks is clearly not an elder and certainly does not resemble any of the others I have posted in my Respect Your Elders series.  But he certainly respects his elders. 

A few years back, I saw this documentary on HBO called Room 335.  It was a great premise and one that was near and dear to my heart.   A young kid – 19 or so – went to live at retirement home for a few months.  The young kid was Andrew. The film was amazing all-around and recognized all over the film festivals.  

Earlier this month, I went to the MTV Upfront where they showcased all the new shows coming out next season.  Andrew has a new show on MTV that looks amazing – Life of Jenks.   Not focused on seniors, but equally compelling in a different way.   I could kick myself for not chatting with Andrew because he was standing right next to me.   Without a doubt in my mind, he will be firmly planted in pop culture (the good part) for years to come.  His star is simply too bright.  He is also the type of personality that enables me to stomach the entertainment industry 🙂

I could not find a regular trailer from Room 335 to embed, but here is something:

You can view the trailer on his site.

Some Old Favorites from the Archives

Out of nowhere, I happened to see how long the list of archives are for  my blog.  It’s that long list of months in the right hand margin.   I started it back in 2007, which seems like a pretty long time ago at this point.    Quite a bit has changed for me since then.  Went from a huge corporate media job, to a 2-man operation, to a slightly-larger-than-2 man operation.  I started a completely new line of work in a new sliver of the marketing and advertising world.  Major updates to the relationship status.  Sudden loss of my father.  Looking at the old posts from late 2007 and early 2008 gave me some great insight into the way my outlook has changed due to all of the things listed above.  It is almost like a diary – a very public diary that you invite a few hundred people a day to read.  This is my journal, and here are some of my favorite entries from back in 2007.

My first experience at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Sean Lennon was watching from a balcony above, which reminded me of old times with my parents – when I was 6 years old.

My friends David and Allen came to visit in Nov 07.  I love this picture on Mulberry street in Little Italy.  They look like two mobster hitmen looking over one of their assignments.

I like this one mainly for the title.   Doyle was not allowed to venture out into the crowds of the NYC Marathon that runs right by my apartment, so it was called 3/4 Family Photo.

And finally, for a really good snapshot of where my head was at the end of 2007, check out my List of Favorite Things from 2007.  Some of these continue to ring true, but many were simply disposable, like almost everything type of consumable around.

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