Respect Your Elders: Andrew Jenks

Andrew Jenks is clearly not an elder and certainly does not resemble any of the others I have posted in my Respect Your Elders series.  But he certainly respects his elders. 

A few years back, I saw this documentary on HBO called Room 335.  It was a great premise and one that was near and dear to my heart.   A young kid – 19 or so – went to live at retirement home for a few months.  The young kid was Andrew. The film was amazing all-around and recognized all over the film festivals.  

Earlier this month, I went to the MTV Upfront where they showcased all the new shows coming out next season.  Andrew has a new show on MTV that looks amazing – Life of Jenks.   Not focused on seniors, but equally compelling in a different way.   I could kick myself for not chatting with Andrew because he was standing right next to me.   Without a doubt in my mind, he will be firmly planted in pop culture (the good part) for years to come.  His star is simply too bright.  He is also the type of personality that enables me to stomach the entertainment industry 🙂

I could not find a regular trailer from Room 335 to embed, but here is something:

You can view the trailer on his site.

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