Some Old Favorites from the Archives

Out of nowhere, I happened to see how long the list of archives are for  my blog.  It’s that long list of months in the right hand margin.   I started it back in 2007, which seems like a pretty long time ago at this point.    Quite a bit has changed for me since then.  Went from a huge corporate media job, to a 2-man operation, to a slightly-larger-than-2 man operation.  I started a completely new line of work in a new sliver of the marketing and advertising world.  Major updates to the relationship status.  Sudden loss of my father.  Looking at the old posts from late 2007 and early 2008 gave me some great insight into the way my outlook has changed due to all of the things listed above.  It is almost like a diary – a very public diary that you invite a few hundred people a day to read.  This is my journal, and here are some of my favorite entries from back in 2007.

My first experience at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Sean Lennon was watching from a balcony above, which reminded me of old times with my parents – when I was 6 years old.

My friends David and Allen came to visit in Nov 07.  I love this picture on Mulberry street in Little Italy.  They look like two mobster hitmen looking over one of their assignments.

I like this one mainly for the title.   Doyle was not allowed to venture out into the crowds of the NYC Marathon that runs right by my apartment, so it was called 3/4 Family Photo.

And finally, for a really good snapshot of where my head was at the end of 2007, check out my List of Favorite Things from 2007.  Some of these continue to ring true, but many were simply disposable, like almost everything type of consumable around.

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