Stone Temple Pilots – 2010

Along with a few dozen rocker people and some extreme head-bobbing music execs, I got to hear the latest Stone Temple Pilots album tonight at the Gramercy Hotel.   I have to say… Scott Weiland was very nice to the crowd that had gathered to see him, and the music was great too.  Let’s put it all in perspective.  40 MILLION albums sold.  15 charting singles, including 6 number ones.  They have one at least one Grammy that I know of. It was just nice to see some unpretentious rock music in the flesh.  Not one bit of the album we heard could be considered trendy and I am assuming the thought would never cross their minds.  They did their thing and owned it.  The new songs are timeless and pure.  Like their old stuff.  They probably wont sell but a couple hundred thousand, but it doesn’t matter.  See these guys live- the way it was meant to be. I look forward to seeing them again at SXSW and I can only hope that the SXSW crowd realizes how lucky they are.

I wish I could find a cool video from The Crow, but since I cannot, here is  a pretty tight version:

I just got back from Austin… love the place!    See ya in a few!!

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