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  1. Hey Robby,

    Did you grab these off ebay recently? i think i was watching the same auction. i read your blog every now and then, wishing i was in NY.

    anyway mate, keep up the good work


  2. Dude, thats amazing. how are these coming along and how is the fit? Its summer there yes? You dont need these me thinks… looking to move them by any chance? its winter here, and i need them, i think you should contact me mate

    • They are coming along just fine – wait, let me check since I am actually wearing them today… Yep, looking GREAT! I have quite a few pairs of Visvim and although the quality has always been nice, they seem to improve the quality with each new season. These boots are the nicest pair I have and I am very fortunate to have picked them up at the price that I did. I don’t recall exactly what I paid, but I have since tried to scoop up another pair, and lost to a winning bid of $980US!!! My favorite pair has always been the FBT Shaman Folk, but these are a very close second… which brings me to your question… These boots are staying strapped to these feet for a while buddy!

  3. youre normally a size 13us yeah and size down to a 12. its a safe rule of measure for most vis, im also a 13 that downs to a 12. dude you got them for a STEAL, i remember the price, a few of us big sized vis heads were in shock actually, well done! i really should have bid, if i were you id NEVER let them go. but yeah, if you do decide to, and for what you paid or there abouts let me know. I see your vis collection also, some great peices. I actually triggered a pair of white lattice hi’s after reading your review and thats what initially brought me to (and brought me to revisit) your blog. i also own a few pairs of vis, outstanding footwear, pity the clothes are so tiny. feel free to email me some time to stay in touch mate, its a small woven world, good to keep the thread tight.

    • Excellent. Thanks for the kind words. Let’s stay in touch. I will try to keep the blog more up to date. I have a few pairs that need to be added to the blog. Same goes for you if you ever make it to NYC. Take care.

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