Sigur Ros – Greatest Body of Video Work by Any Artist

I am struggling to think of an artist or band that has a more impressive body of videos than Sigur Ros.  They seem to have a rule:   Absolutely 100% amazing concept or we simply won’t make the video.   No gimmicks.  Always cinematic in scale.   Always consistent.   If you have loads of time on your hands and want to see beautiful videos set to beautiful songs, watch the videos in this post. 

What artists do you think consistently kill it with their videos?   I can think of a few.  White Stripes come to mind.  Kanye, love him or hate him, stepped up his videos in a major way once he decided he could make non-rap videos. Who else?  They almost always have some half-assed videos in the bunch.  Blame the labels.

For typical record label insecurity reasons, embedding has been disabled on some videos.  See them here:

Another:  Hoppipola

Another:  Saeglopur

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