138 Words on Nostalgia

I heard a rather mind-blowing bit of insight the other day.  Nothing new really, but the timeliness of it made an impact.   The insight was that people over time start to seek the nostalgic as they grow older because it reminds them of a better time and place – and older isn’t necessarily living up to years past.  Yeah, common knowledge right? But for me… I can look at my blog posts,  facebook posts, music purchases, and movie references and see a massive turn for the nostalgic that coincides with two major events in my life:  the passing of my father and demise of a relationship.  While I always attributed this shift to a general lack of creativity out there, there was really a deeper more emotional reason.   Glad to know it was just me and not everything else.

2 responses

  1. Good insight. I think that part of the reason it reminds us of a better time is not necessarily that it was a better time but that we have forgotten the things that troubled us at the time and we are thinking about the known, rather than the unknowns of the present and future.

  2. I’ve been thinking the same thing about how conversation is becoming more nostalgia-littered as my friends get older and I don’t like ratio already and I’m only just in my 40s. The fact is, that much of what is to be discovered for the first time in culture, being it from history or experienced at the time, feels truly fresher the younger you are, and unfortunately as you get older, the more derivative everything seems. It’s natural to gravitate towards more viscerally-experienced moments, the more ones experiences become exercises in analysis and reference.

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