Favorite Campaigns of the 1990s

Hands down, my favorite ad campaign from the 90s, somewhat ironically featuring Drew Barrymore.  Followed closely by the CK One ads with Kate Moss.  The CK One launch was considered one of the most innovative, successful fragrance launches of all time, still talked about today.

Sinead O’Connor Was Right

“Sinead O’Connor… takes me back to the days when female artists got in trouble for their controversial thinking, not their lack of thinking.”

– Robby Wells


Remember the Saturday Night Live thing?  She was protesting the Catholic church for turning their backs to the abuse that was going on in the church in Ireland.   Turns out she was right.  Sorry Frank Sinatra.

Juxtaposition: On the Set of Planet of the Apes

For as long as I can remember, Planet of the Apes was a part of the Wells household.  Seeing apes talk and act so human-like was super intriguing as a young kid, as I am sure it was to anyone that saw it.  It was one part cool and one part scary as hell.   But even as a kid, I can remember understanding some of the underlying messages of the film.  They were universal and easy to grasp, even at a young age.

A few years back, I remember seeing an extensive documentary about the films that included some behind the scenes photos from the set – in particular, the crazy juxtaposition of these upright gorillas, chimps and orangutans chilling out in director’s chairs, smoking cigarettes and playing cards.  It was amazing.  I was recently reminded of that, and decided to go dig up some stills.  I love these.

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