My Bond – Roger Moore as James Bond


Growing up a child of the 80s, Roger Moore was forever my favorite Bond.  As I got older, I came to appreciate the earlier films and Sean Connery.  But Roger was still a bad ass, as made abundantly clear above.  For no real discernible reason, he also always reminded me of Dad.  Maybe because my Dad dressed up in a pretty slick suit everyday.

Skateboarding – Full Circle

I had a meeting last week with a large and very progressive property development company. They just started rolling out a super nice new development and doing so in a very fresh, modern way.  At one point during the meeting, the conversation turned to potential awareness-driving events that are relevant to both parents and children, yet are still cool enough to adhere to the overall aesthetic and personality of the property.

Someone in the room mentioned the idea of a skateboarding event.  Essentially an elaborate demo, to use more traditional skateboarding term.

I really enjoyed spending time these people, so I felt totally comfortable sharing the exact thought running through my mind.  It was this:

I spent the better part of my teen years as a skateboarder being run off of very similar properties.  Literally chased off by security guards and the occasional store manager.  So it felt like things were truly coming full circle (for me) when one those same properties was considering hiring skateboarders to lure people in.

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