My Bond – Roger Moore as James Bond


Growing up a child of the 80s, Roger Moore was forever my favorite Bond.  As I got older, I came to appreciate the earlier films and Sean Connery.  But Roger was still a bad ass, as made abundantly clear above.  For no real discernible reason, he also always reminded me of Dad.  Maybe because my Dad dressed up in a pretty slick suit everyday.

138 Words on Birthdays

I love birthdays. Yeah, seeing the number tick upward isn’t all that exciting, but birthdays for me are the perfect time to stop, look back, side-to-side, then forward, with a focus on forward. It is the reset button that a person like me constantly craves. It’s the day where you hopefully find the balls to make a change, and do so with confidence fueled by the very real reminder that you only have one shot at this life.  You should be dangerous on your birthday. Scare people. Worry people. Make them wonder how you’ll fuck with the status quo that is your life and your relationships.  Each birthday should serve as a filter.  Each year, you refine your life a little further, getting better every year.  You are not getting older.  You’re getting better.  More refined.  More individual.

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