Had a chance to visit Miami this week – one of my favorite places for countless reasons and I don’t get there enough.  Met with a cruise line looking to develop a music strategy which will prove to be an awesome, challenging-in-a-good-way assignment.  It’s one of the more modern, progressive lines, which is killer.  Imagine figuring out an approach to music that impacts everything from the music you hear when you turn on the television in your cabin, to the sounds you hear in the halls, decks, etc. to the DJs you may encounter in a nightclub or the band in the performance hall.  It all has to ladder up to something meaningful, so I am pumped to work on it.

Then I visited one of those weird places that only the music industry could produce – the Circle House Studios facilities, nestled in a neighborhood in North Miami.  Some interesting familiar faces wandering around.

Respect Due: Dockers

Dockers is doing an amazing job these days, completely under the radar as it should be. Take decades of perfecting a quality construction that keeps our dads coming back year after year for more, and now combine that quality construction with modern (if not full-blown trendy) cuts, all at an incredible value.  I know I just ticked up another year in age, and my judgement may be called into question, but I will put these up against anything I’ve seen.

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