Hip-hop, Acoustic Guitars and JawKneeYeah

I have this theory about hip-hop and acoustic guitars. Back in the old days, kids learning to play guitar would spend hours trying to strum out songs like “Stairway to Heaven”, “Dust in the Wind” or “Hotel California” and later anything by Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins for days. Well kids are still picking up guitars, but now there is this hugely pervasive and inescapable influence in their life – hip-hop, or for the purists, let’s refer to it as hip-pop. I am sure just about everyone has the Dynamite Hack – NWA acoustic track from way back when, and we all loved it for its novelty. But there is a small explosion of kids picking out hip-pop songs on their acoustic guitars, probably for the same reasons previous generations… ladies will always love guitar players.

But back to my theory… I think kids today find it just as fun to dive right into playing hip-pop songs on their guitars and probably have no issues at all passing on the acoustic -friendly songs that their parents probably loved. They are winning high school talent shows by playing the acoustic version of ‘In da Club’. The trend will no doubt continue, and guys like this dude below are leading the charge. JawKneeYeah is just another reason to love YouTube. Hip-pop, asian stereotypes, creative use of a webcam, and lots of laughing out loud. Listen for his hilarious tweaks to the lyrics. I want this guy at my next party! By my rough count, he appears to have pulled in about 3 million or more views of his videos, which pretty much makes him a star by today’s standards.

Soulja Boy

T-Pain – Buy U a Drank

Timbaland – The Way I Are

Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around

Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girl

David Sides

This is the guy that made the Kanye piano medley in the previous post. I did a little homework and discovered the insanity – dude is a full blown prodigy. He has tons of videos on You Tube and songs on Myspace: T-Pain, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, OneRepublic, etc… all the pop hits, all played entirely by ear. His videos on YouTube and songs on MySpace have received MILLIONS of plays (the Kanye medley on YouTube has over 2 million views, the OneRepublic song has just under 3 million). His MySpace profile has him listed as ‘unsigned’, which at first surprised me. Then I thought… Of course he is unsigned.

David Sides on MySpace

David Sides on YouTube

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