Aging Well: 9 1/2 Weeks

A friend suggested I re-watch 9 1/2 Weeks a few weeks back.  Truth is… I had never seen it.  My new Apple TV changed that.  My friend was impressed with how well it had withstood the test of time, and I have to agree, considering much of the 80s.   Not over-the-top yuppie.  Downtown, but not Wall Street.  And way cooler than Working Girl.

138 Words on Nostalgia

I heard a rather mind-blowing bit of insight the other day.  Nothing new really, but the timeliness of it made an impact.   The insight was that people over time start to seek the nostalgic as they grow older because it reminds them of a better time and place – and older isn’t necessarily living up to years past.  Yeah, common knowledge right? But for me… I can look at my blog posts,  facebook posts, music purchases, and movie references and see a massive turn for the nostalgic that coincides with two major events in my life:  the passing of my father and demise of a relationship.  While I always attributed this shift to a general lack of creativity out there, there was really a deeper more emotional reason.   Glad to know it was just me and not everything else.

Stay Gold – Scenes from The Outsiders

Probably one of the first dramatic movies I really remember having an impact on me.   Years later when I grew wise to the world a bit, I realized it was a Francis Ford Coppola it all made sense and I could see his fingerprints all over it.    It was filled with some of the would-be biggest stars in Hollywood, but did not even have a hint of typical teen movie bullshit.  Check some of these stills:

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