DJ, Photographer, Entrepreneur. D-NICE has become one of my favorite people to follow in hip-hop. He photographed Q for Def Jam / TAG Records and was hand-picked by JD to DJ our MTV VMA Official Kick-off party.

His documentary series True Hip-Hop Stories belongs on the Sundance Channel, but you can view the series here.

And follow him on twitter.

His site.

Prodigy – Out of Space (Live)

Aww man, I get goosebumps watching this video. Even though this video was recorded waaaay after it was originally produced, it still throws me into good ol’ days goosebumps mode. They were sick back in the days. I bumped this in my Geo Storm, and you could be assured that any friend was also bumping it in their Escort, Celica, CRX, MR2, Mazda B2200, or Hyundai Excel. And the rich kids were bumping it in their 3000GTs, Supras, and Stealths. Music… bringing the social classes together!

I want Maxim’s job!

Prodigy is poised for a comeback, but what the hell does that mean in today’s music biz? No doubt a tour, and that sounds good to me.

Vintage Skateboarding Pics

Thanks to my friend Fabian for having these around! Click any image to enlarge.

  • Looks like my hair was some strange reddish color – likely due to that groundbreaking product called Sun-In or just straight up peroxide.
  • Notice the black Vans Chukka Boots with colored socks. Awesome.
  • Looks like a Birdhouse Projects shirts, which I do not remember ever buying.
  • I am not ollie-ing over that box, but it kinda looks like it.

  • This was taken at one of my favorite skate spots in Dallas. This was across a parking lot from a spot called Quorum. I will go head to head with any Dallas skater that thinks they discovered Quorum before us, and I know you are out there. I distinctly remember my friend Jamal and I waxing up all of the appropriate curbs when they were 100% virgin – untouched by metal or urethane. If you disagree, Jamal will shoot you.
  • Note the Vision sneakers. They were high-tops that Jamal cut to be low-tops with a huge tongue. He was regular and I was goofy. After he tore up the left shoe, he gave them to me to tear up the right. Poor people have poor ways.

  • This is definitely my favorite picture that I have from back in the day. Mainly because I remember the moment so vividly. I stuck this trick so perfectly, I literally get goosebumps thinking about it. It is not even a crazy trick, but keep in mind… this was 1991, pre-digital anything, and getting a good shot with a disposable was very rare. I even remember the flash hitting my body at the perfect moment and pulling it down flawlessly, no sketch. It’s these moments that make you a skater for life. It is these moments that make a 33 year-old still own a skateboard.
  • This was one of those nights that we were all on fire. Aside from this trick, I remember landing half-cab late shove-its (both frontside and backside shove-its out of the half-cab) down a small set of like 3 or 4 tall stairs. Jamal pulled this crazy accidental late pressure flip (a backside late shove-it that accidentally flipped perfectly and he landed it like he meant to do it) – funny, I know. Fabian was busting huge ollies and cleared a nice gap. Oh, the memories.   I am sooooo grateful that I remember them like it was yesterday.
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