One Cool Intern: Ernestine, aka EB, aka Tina, aka The Diva

Ernestine is our awesome intern at ACME who returned to school upstate this week. She was amazing and did an exceptional job. She was also cool as hell and is destined for stardom at whatever she chooses. Right now she is thinking entertainment law. She is off to a great start after having to deal with David and I. Her final assignment was to write a blog post (how appropriate) providing her thoughts on her internship. Check out what she wrote below. She called it:

Dedicated to My First Love: Hip-Hop

“…Told her if she got an image and a gimmick
That she could make money, and she did it …
Now I see her in commercials, she’s universal
She used to only swing it with the inner-city circle
Now she be in the ’burbs lookin’ rock and dressin’ hip
…who I’m talkin bout y’all is hip-hop”

– Common

Loving hip hop, in the past, meant following the newest trends, as well as to perform acapella renditions of classic hip hop songs with my friends. It meant observing and sometimes following urban fashion trends. It meant religiously listening to Hot 97 to be up on the newest songs, and avidly watching Free and AJ host BET’s 106th and Park to learn the latest dances. It meant disobeying my mother’s wishes to switch to a musical genre that didn’t frequently use offensive language. I loved hip-hop so much I fantasized of acquiring an internship and eventually landing a job at a major record label such as Def Jam or Atlantic Records. The internship I got instead exceeded any daydream I had, let alone any expectations I had for the internship. So like Common, I took loving hip-hop to the next level the summer of ’08; I committed to her.

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ACME + Adweek

Adweek covers the launch of ACME. See the quote from David.

“Our agency is really trying to put some best-in-class practices and thought leadership into the space. We still feel like there is a lack-of-thought leadership in [branded entertainment]”, said Caruso.

They seemed more interested in origins of our name over the fact that we are changing the game 🙂

Also, check the new site.

Global Grind – The HipHop Digg

I saw the 30 minute long info-mercial for – aka this week’s episode of Run’s House – last night. I watched a DVR’ed version of the show, so I guess I would have never found out about the site if they had spent money on a regular :15 or :30 second spot (branded content plug). Perhaps I am not giving the site a hard enough look, but it is hard to deny that it seems to lack any signs of innovation that one would expect from a well-funded start-up. From the commentary on the show, I was expecting something much more interesting than a hip hop-filtered digg. Hopefully it will hold up much better than Damon Dash’s venture into social media – BlockSavvy.

Despite the fact that Run’s House has morphed into what seems to be the sole advertising vehicle for Run Athletics, Pastry Sneakers, Team Blackout, and now Global Grind, I still love the hell out of the show and applaud the family for making the most of their time on-air. They have very successfully made their hustle entertaining.

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