Clae Russell – All White & Smokin!

As part of my personal strategy for the new year – REFINE in ’09 – I will certainly be adding these new all-white Russells into the mix. Every time I open up the closet, I find myself reaching for my black Russells that I have had for over a year now, and they could not be more perfect. They are broke in… perfect. They have never been officially tied, yet they hang on the foot… perfect. The white sole cleans up… perfect. For those reasons, the Russell remains pegged at the top of my list of best sneakers out there, especially if you wanna talk value. They cannot be topped in my opinion.

I am looking to downsize, but upgrade the shoe closet. I am hoping to settle on 4 or 5 pairs of perfection. These all-white Russells were not part of the original plan, but I will do it simply out of respect. I have paid way more for way less, so they deserve to keep getting my dough.

You can pre-order these at Hanon Shop, and strangely, they are cheaper than than the originals by $15 bucks. See what I mean!? They can do no wrong!

Road Tested: Clae Russell

Sung Choi is my new hero. He somehow resurrected Clae and in the process hit me with one of the most pleasant surprises from a sneaker company in a long time. Perhaps I set my expectations too low? Actually, I did not have much in the way of expectations, but from the second I held these in my hands (at Vinnie’s Styles in Brooklyn) I knew that the quality was far beyond most of the hyped stuff out there these days.

I am by no means a sneaker collector. Hell no! I wear all of my stuff, and I wear it into the ground. That’s why with my ‘Road Tested‘ posts, I feature shoes that I have worn for a while now. I wear them on the streets of NYC, through nasty subway stations, and even during my business travels. I am all about aesthetics, but it is functionality and quality that will separate the one-hit hype wonders from those that are here to stay (assuming those in charge know how to operate a business 🙂 ).

Despite a few pain in the ass pitbull claw scrathes from my eager-to-go-for-a-walk dog, these look brand spanking new. I GoJo the shit out of the white sole every week or so, each time restoring the white completely. If I am meeting with a rather conservative client, the Russells are my go-to shoes. If I was one of those dudes that were sneakers with a suit, these would be the sneakers to wear.

My mom always told me “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. You can go cheap on clothes, but make sure you have nice shoes.” I will let Clae speak for me all day long.

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