Doosu – So Called The Cupboard’s Bare (Dallas, Texas)

I was aimlessly browsing iTunes the other day and discovered that all of Doosu’s releases were available. Then realized that So Called the Cupboard’s Bare, their first serious release came out 15 years ago. Shit. Actually holds up very well. Like a time machine – I was instantly transported to Trees where I felt cool to know one of the guys in the band. Go search them out in iTunes.

Good times in Dallas over the last few…

Good times in Dallas over the last few days. Busy as hell with meetings with old coworkers and potential partners (imc2), one amazing client (Doritos) – no, seriously amazing, not just kissin’ ass – and old friends and family. Unfortunately there were a few missed, and I apologize. Philip (Centre) – I will be back in about 10 days. Dennis (Aztec) – See you next visit.

See ya!

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