Some Old Favorites from the Archives

Out of nowhere, I happened to see how long the list of archives are for  my blog.  It’s that long list of months in the right hand margin.   I started it back in 2007, which seems like a pretty long time ago at this point.    Quite a bit has changed for me since then.  Went from a huge corporate media job, to a 2-man operation, to a slightly-larger-than-2 man operation.  I started a completely new line of work in a new sliver of the marketing and advertising world.  Major updates to the relationship status.  Sudden loss of my father.  Looking at the old posts from late 2007 and early 2008 gave me some great insight into the way my outlook has changed due to all of the things listed above.  It is almost like a diary – a very public diary that you invite a few hundred people a day to read.  This is my journal, and here are some of my favorite entries from back in 2007.

My first experience at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Sean Lennon was watching from a balcony above, which reminded me of old times with my parents – when I was 6 years old.

My friends David and Allen came to visit in Nov 07.  I love this picture on Mulberry street in Little Italy.  They look like two mobster hitmen looking over one of their assignments.

I like this one mainly for the title.   Doyle was not allowed to venture out into the crowds of the NYC Marathon that runs right by my apartment, so it was called 3/4 Family Photo.

And finally, for a really good snapshot of where my head was at the end of 2007, check out my List of Favorite Things from 2007.  Some of these continue to ring true, but many were simply disposable, like almost everything type of consumable around.

138 Words on Identity

I have had a number of alarming conversations lately.  Although I’ll always be the quiet one in a room of Type-A’s, when I do talk, I can usually make people very comfortable.  I’ll calm the crazy.  Quell the aggressive.  Have something to get off your chest? That is where I come in.  More than a few people have opened up to me lately about their struggles – particularly in relationships, either long-term or non-existent.  Apparently, my terrible-on-paper track record makes me an expert? Obviously complex, it seems that identity is at the root of these issues – either losing it or feeling hopeless in finding it.   Abundant confusion.  I’m also faced with these struggles as I re-enter the dating world at a turtle’s pace.   I obsess over it and want to help my friends.  It’s my new mission.

Who I Blog For.

I often joke here about my carefully curated blog for whatever that means.    The word ‘curate’ is interesting.  I think the dictionary says it means something like ‘to organize, oversee’.   A friend of mine recently interviewed a museum curator for a magazine article she was writing and asked for some advice on questions to ask.    I have always wondered who a museum curator organizes for?   Do they have a particular person in mind that they ask themselves ‘what would Jane Doe think about this selection?’ and essentially Jane Doe inadvertently influences the contents of a museum or the pieces in a exhibit.  Make sense?

Since I started writing my blog, I have always casually told people that I write my blog or post photos with two people in mind.   Yeah, I may have a few hundred daily visits and I appreciate anyone that would take the time to read anything I have to say, or look at the pictures that I post on my carefully curated blog.  But I wanted to introduce the two people I write for:

Nancy Wells – Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Friend to thousands, Dallas’ premiere purevyor of the finest in ladies shoes and accessories.

Peter Nguyen – Jack of all trades, changes cars like most people change underwear, best friend for life, even though he has never seen E.T. or Star Wars

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There ya go.

Good times in Dallas over the last few…

Good times in Dallas over the last few days. Busy as hell with meetings with old coworkers and potential partners (imc2), one amazing client (Doritos) – no, seriously amazing, not just kissin’ ass – and old friends and family. Unfortunately there were a few missed, and I apologize. Philip (Centre) – I will be back in about 10 days. Dennis (Aztec) – See you next visit.

See ya!

Poor People Have Poor Ways – Veens

Photo courtesy of Jon Ball.  Shot on location in Cozumel, Mexico.

Don’t take the title of this post to be negative in any way towards any particular group.   When one of my best friends I were living together, we scraped by on the Wendy’s dollar menu, tuna fish (him, not me), and $.79 burritos.  We  drove 20 miles to the QuikTrip gas station because their fountain drinks and gas were cheaper.  We would hit the skatepark 2 hours before it closed so we would only have to pay $5.   He would sleep all day, because sleep was cheap.   We ate plenty of junk food because sweets were cheap.   Although we are both now doing just a tiny bit better for ourselves financially, we both look back upon those times as some of the best we have ever had.   The music, the skating,  the getting by.

But we had a motto back then.   Since we both had great families and upbringings, we had to justify our idiotic behavior with one statement:  Poor people have poor ways.

“Dude, you are putting jalapenos and hotdogs in your Ramen noodles? ”  “Poor poeple have poor ways.”

So when he sent me the photo above with the Veens, I instantly thought about our old days together.  But the Veens themselves are worthy of their own post in some way, but for now, we can all just chuckle at the sight of them.

Vintage Skateboarding Pics

Thanks to my friend Fabian for having these around! Click any image to enlarge.

  • Looks like my hair was some strange reddish color – likely due to that groundbreaking product called Sun-In or just straight up peroxide.
  • Notice the black Vans Chukka Boots with colored socks. Awesome.
  • Looks like a Birdhouse Projects shirts, which I do not remember ever buying.
  • I am not ollie-ing over that box, but it kinda looks like it.

  • This was taken at one of my favorite skate spots in Dallas. This was across a parking lot from a spot called Quorum. I will go head to head with any Dallas skater that thinks they discovered Quorum before us, and I know you are out there. I distinctly remember my friend Jamal and I waxing up all of the appropriate curbs when they were 100% virgin – untouched by metal or urethane. If you disagree, Jamal will shoot you.
  • Note the Vision sneakers. They were high-tops that Jamal cut to be low-tops with a huge tongue. He was regular and I was goofy. After he tore up the left shoe, he gave them to me to tear up the right. Poor people have poor ways.

  • This is definitely my favorite picture that I have from back in the day. Mainly because I remember the moment so vividly. I stuck this trick so perfectly, I literally get goosebumps thinking about it. It is not even a crazy trick, but keep in mind… this was 1991, pre-digital anything, and getting a good shot with a disposable was very rare. I even remember the flash hitting my body at the perfect moment and pulling it down flawlessly, no sketch. It’s these moments that make you a skater for life. It is these moments that make a 33 year-old still own a skateboard.
  • This was one of those nights that we were all on fire. Aside from this trick, I remember landing half-cab late shove-its (both frontside and backside shove-its out of the half-cab) down a small set of like 3 or 4 tall stairs. Jamal pulled this crazy accidental late pressure flip (a backside late shove-it that accidentally flipped perfectly and he landed it like he meant to do it) – funny, I know. Fabian was busting huge ollies and cleared a nice gap. Oh, the memories.   I am sooooo grateful that I remember them like it was yesterday.
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