2008 Predictions… A Look Back

Last year, actually towards the end of 2007, I made some streetwear predictions. As an industry outsider, I deserve a little freedom to get things wrong, but they were not really all that bad. I put together this super slick excel spreadsheet that factors in posts from Hypebeast, Selectism, and other blogs and media outlets coupled with photo sites like Cobrasnake and Last Nights Party to give me a ‘Percentage Accurate” with 100% meaning I nailed it. It is easy to make predictions every year, because NOBODY ever goes back to see how they did. I have nothing to lose, so I did:

Prediction 1
Bulky, dirty sneakers will complement tight jeans. Think Jordan 6-10s with skinny jeans on hipsters. Note: This is not a sneaker-head thing… more of a waify, pasty hipster thing. Hipsters will rebel against the current trend of wearing women’s Keds.

Calculation: 72.5% Accuracy. According to a sweep of major blogs and photo sites, everyone from Lil Wayne to 12 year old skate kids were wearing skinny jeans with bulky high-tops, but they were not necessarily dirty. Keds and the like were still spotted with relatively high frequency on pasty hipsters.

Prediction 2
The lines between streetwear and luxury will continue to blur. The more mature streetwear kids will step their game up, which will no doubt require new jobs. Nigo has been spotted in a vest/tie/jacket combo more in the last 3 months of 2007 than in the last 10 years. You’ll hear streetwear kids rattle off high-end designers/labels with ease.

Calculation: 90.5% Accuracy. Shit! Have you looked at Hypebeast lately. You could slap a Brooks Brothers (shit, even lower, a J Crew) logo on some of the items featured and nobody would question it. This would have been 100%, but the number of new consumers entering the space offset the older streetwear kids’ effort to move towards more luxury to a small degree. Yes, there were a ton new luxury brands that became must-haves, but unfortunately, far too many brands still spit out nothing but t-shirts and New Eras.

J Crew? The Gap? Merona? Nope, it’s a brand called Useless (from Hypebeast).

Prediction 3
Legacy will be the dominant theme of 2008. Brands with a real history will reign supreme. Think Levis, Vans, Stussy, Reebok, Carhartt, etc. The hot new-ish brands will stick around, but nobody will be excited about new brands, and nobody will want to endorse them. That is not to say that new brands won’t give it a shot, but it will not be pretty. Hypebeast has already reached total laughable status.

Calculation: 80.25% Accuracy. According to the spreadsheet, all of the brands above had great years and some superb collaborations. With the influx of newer, higher-end, more sophisticated brands and looks making waves, if your name wasn’t Levis, Vans, Stussy, etc… you simply did not get noticed.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

Louis Vuitton x Kanye West : The DON

Posting screen captures of a pair of sneakers from a shitty video may actually constitute the low point of my brief blogging career. But I am sure the kids will go crazy for it, so here they are… probably the first still pics of is new design for LV… This one is called the DON.

Now all the real sneakerheads can dissect the numerous influences. Have fun.

Louis Vuitton x Kanye West: Pretty, Hot, and Tempting

Not sure if this particular version will ever see the light of day, but I say… job well done. I love the sharp edge of the sole, the raised brand marks on the heel/sole, and of course the laces. And yes, I love the fact that they are white, in case there were any doubts.

Goyard Croisiere 50 – Slightly Obsessed

Also as part of the REFINE in 09 personal improvement strategy, I plan to come up on a nice bag that will last me a lifetime. A bag that I will someday pass on my son or some deserving young kid that I will mentor when I am qualified to mentor 🙂 Heritage is always huge with me, and you could make a movie about the history of this brand – or at least a really good documentary.


How to Pronounce Comme des Garçons

Agenda, Inc. has scored another superb find, especially for all of you streetwear kids looking to make the luxury crossover in 2008. In a bizarre, yet totally appropriate use of YouTube, the IMHC, a hotel management school, is using small video files posted online to help their students ‘say it right’.  Saying ‘Supreme’ is easy you chumps.  Too easy, unfortunately.  Go learn how to say ‘Jaeger-LeCoultre‘.

Hear them all!

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