Christmas? Already? Just In Cases.

As of November 15th, I have already started to see holiday decorations start to go up. When it comes to retail, I can understand the motivation. But at home? One of my best friends put his tree up already (pictured above), and although I’m inclined to poke some fun at him, I have to say I actually agree with the move. Home is always super cozy and inviting. Well, putting up the tree… not so cozy. Taking it down… not so inviting. Everything in between… glorious!

And it goes without saying… this movie loops all xmas long!


And in the streets of West Kessler, you’ll the hear gayest Christmas song of all time:

I am already pumped about going home for the holidays – and I haven’t even gone home for Thanksgiving yet!

Posting Up in Dallas

I have been in Dallas for the last few days, with a few days left to go. Little bit of work, and lots of catching up. Plans to visit with old employers (1, 2), old friends, new stores, new restaurants, old restaurants, Dallas party kids (1, 2), do an interview, a corresponding photoshoot, make a cameo, buy some property, and squeeze in a high school reunion and a wedding. Good times. Busy is good.

And yes, things are bigger in Texas (referring to the plants, not the midsection):

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