Relevance in an Obama World

After a day and evening of watching Obama coverage, reactions, appearances, and of course, the amazing speech this morning, I eventually found myself flipping through the channels tonight. I found a mix of US-based news coverage and even quite a bit of coverage from international news sources, all of which was simply incredible.

On a side note, I confirmed that I am particularly touched by huge crowd reactions. Words are certainly powerful, but the message is amplified exponentially for me when those words are followed by a massive crowd reaction. I guess I am just happy to see that in such a fragmented world, filled with poor leaders, pseudo-celebrities and equally lame real celebrities, that there are still individuals that can inspire such huge positive responses. Really huge responses.

But back to my channel surfing… After a day filled with such hope and inspiration, for some reason very little of what I saw on TV seemed relevant in the Obama world. From the bottom of the barrel with Vh-1 and MTV shows like Rock of Love, Daddy’s Girls, The City, Real Chance of Love and Tool Academy, to personalities like Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, Hayden Panatwhatever, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and even my beloved Kanye West – each seemed as if they have no place, less voice, less importance and in some cases, no audience in the Obama world (fingers crossed).

I am not so naive to think that I am the only one that had the same thoughts, and for that reason, I have hope for change across our pop culture landscape. Don’t get me wrong, I will shoot myself if everything ends up looking like Extreme Home Makeover, but I am hopeful that our country’s collective tolerance for pop culture shallow-ness will be significantly reduced.

I love the shallow. I am a huge advocate for it. Mindless fun is a necessity. But in my perfect world, we would all get our fix of the shallow while getting completely goofy with friends on some dingy dance floor listening to meaningless 80s jams or hip-hop. Communal shallow-ness. We don’t need 5 hours of it seared into our brain via television every night.

So go edit your DVR list, tune-out, and make plans for the weekend. And no, you don’t need bottle service you wanna-be ballers.

Thanks for reading!

Barack Obama – Inauguration Fly Gear

I don’t know the background on this, but the designs below are all in contention to become Obama’s official gear for the inauguration.   There are some well-known designers in the mix, and I went ahead threw my own recommendation in there at as well… at the end.  Which ones are you feeling?

Brooks Brothers (Night Look):

Another from Brooks Brothers:

Sean John (Night):

Another from Sean John:


Richard James:

Marc Jacobs:

Since everyone Obama picks for his cabinet seems to be from Chicago, why not take his inspiration from there as well

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