Maya Angelou

Personal friend of Malcolm and Martin.  Unlikely influence on Tupac.   If you have a chance to catch her on Iconoclasts with Dave Chappelle on The Sundance Channel, don’t miss it.  Both of them are remarkable individuals.  With people like Maya Angelou in our world, it makes you wonder how we ever became obsessed with the celebrities we obsess over.  The other night, Spencer and Heidi were on Larry King.  The world would be a slightly better place had he opted to have Maya on.  Just a thought.

Visit to Tom Ford

After being immersed in the streetwear world for a while, and visiting dozens of tired old formulac streetwear retailers selling the same tired old formulaic products, I have to admit that I was blown away with what I saw at Tom Ford.   I guess I am finally at a age and place in life where I can  appreciate it (I said appreciate, not own – sunglasses and fragrances don’t count).  I was most impressed with the store itself and the way the clothing and accessories were displayed – total amazing luxury.  I have loads of admiration for people that manage themselves well, and Tom Ford is – in my opinion – the best by a mile.


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