Doosu – So Called The Cupboard’s Bare (Dallas, Texas)

I was aimlessly browsing iTunes the other day and discovered that all of Doosu’s releases were available. Then realized that So Called the Cupboard’s Bare, their first serious release came out 15 years ago. Shit. Actually holds up very well. Like a time machine – I was instantly transported to Trees where I felt cool to know one of the guys in the band. Go search them out in iTunes.

138 Words on Being From Texas

I was born, raised and lived in Texas for 31 years. Strange thing is, I never identified myself as a ‘Texan’ until I came to NYC. So few people you meet here are from here. For the first time in 31 years, I had to address the fact that I am from Texas and all of the negative stereotypes and to a lesser extent, the positive ones. Now that I am forced to think about how I may be perceived as a Texan, I have developed this strange pride in being from Texas. I like the fact that I’m apparently a horse-owning, BBQ-eating, Bush-loving, trailer park-living, redneck-having, Willie Nelson-listening, pickup truck-driving, hillbilly from Texas who within 2 years, has been able to milk a little success out of this big city. (Because apparently, I owned cows as well.)

Posting Up in Dallas

I have been in Dallas for the last few days, with a few days left to go. Little bit of work, and lots of catching up. Plans to visit with old employers (1, 2), old friends, new stores, new restaurants, old restaurants, Dallas party kids (1, 2), do an interview, a corresponding photoshoot, make a cameo, buy some property, and squeeze in a high school reunion and a wedding. Good times. Busy is good.

And yes, things are bigger in Texas (referring to the plants, not the midsection):

Texas Rednecks: Rachofsky to Sell Koons Balloons

As intellectual as NYC inhabitants are supposed to be, I am still blown away by how clueless so many are about Texas, its culture, its cities, and perhaps most of all, the general perception of Texans’ level of sophistication. I am clearly on the low end of sophistication, but I do feel the need to document the redneck lifestyle for all the cosmopolitan New Yorkers that read my blog. Yes, I do admit that Texas has it’s morons – of all levels – just like the abundance in New York, L.A., Chicago, or anywhere for that matter.

So I am going to start a new feature on my blog called Texas Rednecks, which will hopefully serve to dispel some of the common beliefs of my more pseudo-intellectual friends in New York:

First up:

Rachofsky’s to sell Koons sculpture…

Last week, Christie’s set the record for the most money ever paid at auction for a work by a living artist with $33.64 million for a Lucian Freud painting. While the Rachofskys’ Koons piece probably won’t break that record, it should be in the neighborhood. The auction house is not publishing a pre-sale estimate, but Amy Cappellazzo, deputy chairman of Christie’s postwar and contemporary art sales, puts a conservative estimate at 12 million pounds, about $24 million.

Oh yeah, the Rachofsky’s live in Dallas. Do you think it will fit in the back of their pick-up truck? Will it fit in the back of their covered wagon? Maybe Willie Nelson can lend a hand!

Koons on the MOMA rooftop of the Met in NYC:

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