The Big List

I believe we should all publish a list, then do what we can to help each other cross off items. Help me out and I promise to return the favor. As I cross off items, I will post photos of the moment below.

  • Ride a vintage motorcycle on a winding road through a forest
  • Land 360 kickflips (respect your elders) on a semi-regular basis
  • Hang on a sailboat in the Mediterranean
  • Start a marketing agency using solely the creativity and brain power of aspiring rappers
  • Build a bicycle – COMPLETED
  • Style a photoshoot
  • Mentor a young kid
  • Mentor an older kid
  • Take a day trip with a vintage Porsche – COMPLETED
  • Live in 400 square feet
  • Spend 6 months out of a year in Europe
  • Work at a Starbucks
  • Open a retail store
  • Work as a bartender for a night (or longer) – COMPLETED
  • Wear a suit and tie everyday for a month to see if I am treated differently
  • Take a vacation by myself – COMPLETED
  • Very seriously launch my own line of footwear
  • Read the autobiography of Malcolm X
  • Visit Paris
  • Own a simple McIntosh home audio set-up – COMPLETED
  • Dig into my Dad’s extensive vinyl collection
  • Take painting and drawing more seriously
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Meet Richard Branson
  • Meet Desmond Tutu
  • See Duran Duran in concert – COMPLETED
  • Work at my Mom’s shoe store on a busy Saturday
  • Be a motivational speaker
  • Appear in the credits of a movie
  • Appear in the Thank You section of a CD jacket
  • Own an art gallery in Dallas
  • Visit Marfa, Texas – COMPLETED
  • Storm out of a meeting
  • Meet Mike Tyson
  • Meet Johnny Depp
  • Take a long road trip with Jon Ball
  • Invest in a tattoo parlor and hair salon (but not have a tattoo or hair)
  • Design a home
  • Serve as an apprentice to a cobbler
  • Own or spend time in a vintage wooden motorboat
  • Take a trip with my Mom
  • Tell a deserving Hollywood Agent to F*ck Off
  • Be quoted for something non-marketing related
  • Guest- or regularly contribute to a magazine
  • Get a real estate license
  • Determine the monetary value of my upbringing and do whatever possible to repay that to my Mom
  • Manage a musician
  • Own a really nice camera – COMPLETED
  • Direct a music video
  • Travel, travel, travel
  • Do my best to ensure that the Wells family does not benefit from generational wealth of the pocket, but only of the mind
  • Makeout with a Hollywood starlet (or just flirt) – COMPLETED
  • Raise wonderful children
  • Adjust my work to where it can all be done on a hand-held device
  • Inspire/Motivate young people
  • Employ an assistant, then give them the keys to the castle
  • Get an attitude – COMPLETED
  • Find more time to relax
  • Sit in on the recording of a rock album
  • Sit in on the recording of a hip-hop record – COMPLETED
  • Buy and sell vintage cars – COMPLETED
  • Chase down a tornado, then get out of the way
  • Inspire as much happiness in others as humanly possible
  • Complete this list

4 responses

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  3. Can I say how cool your list is? Not that anyone needs to know this but I have:
    lived in 400 sq ft, visited Paris, taken a trip with my mom (not yours, but I’m sure she is wonderful!), seen Duran Duran, read the autobiography of Malcolm X, appeared in the thank-you on book sleeves, but not cd-sleeves, i would die happy if i met Johnny Depp, i am trying to raise a wonderful kid, and i would love to be your assistant & would happily accept the keys to your kingdom.
    thx, Robby! that was totally fun. And, became all about me….Sarah

    • Lord – that was meant to read ‘the keys to the castle’ – not kindgom. i should really pay more attention now that i’m going to be your assistant.

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